Apps, shops and product information management

Quality starts with people. That is why our slogan is "Understanding the client and his need to the finest detail" Our employees advise you around your technical and organizational questions and bring your project on the road to success. Direct communication, using the shortest possible route, guarantees the quick and uncomplicated processing of your requirements.

Through our close cooperation with universities and research institutes we stay on top of the latest knowledge and ensure that the solution we craft for you is both innovative and future-proof.

Nexoma - Your partner for individual solutions

Our inter-disciplinary is made up consultants, project managers, software developers, software architects, web designers, and of course our apprentices.

We focus on the following technologies:

Operating systems:
Linux, Windows, OS X, iOS, Android

Programming and Abfrage languages:
Java, PHP, Objective-C, C#, HTML, Javascript, Shellscripting, C, C++, SQL, XQuery, XSLT

Database and data formats:
MySQL, BaseX, DB2, Firebird, Oracle, PostgreSQL, XML, BMEcat, ETIM, Datanorm, EDIFACT, GAEB, SINFOS, GS1, FAB-DIS

Tools / Application software:
Eclipse, JDeveloper, Ansible, Jenkins, Maven, PhpStorm, Shopware, Drupal, Bonita, Bizagi, Inubit

Frameworks / Component libraries:
Ajax, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, RichFaces

Other special competencies:
JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere Application Server, EJB, Swing, JDBC, JSF, SOAP, REST, BPMN, meta-model development, multi-tier-architecture, framework-based SW-development, UML, model driven architecture, Test Driven Development (Junit, PHPUnit, Selenium)

We guide you in each phase of your project plan: Starting from the detailed analysis and conceptualization, to the project management, the design and the development, to actually running your solutions. In addition to that we fulfill your specific needs on the basis of the newest technologies and standards and guide you through your projects in a results-oriented manner.